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BERENT Visual Illustration (VI) System

BERENT’s iconic blue & yellow brand colors are uniquely distinct from other tool brands on the market, which are commonly red, yellow, black, or green.

BERENT Product Range and Product Development

2004 Catalogue book: 38 pages, 500 SKU
2008 Catalogue book: 76 pages, 1200+ SKU
2015 Catalogue book: 188 pages, 3000+ SKU
2021 Catalogue book: 215 pages, 3000+ SKU
BERENT has largely invested in the design of tools and tool sets
BERENT owns design patents for many of its products


BERENT Tools (Shanghai) Ltd. is a modern enterprise that integrates product development, manufacture, sales and services of hardware industry. Our slogan “To persist and to advance” epitomises the company mission, which is to forge advanced Chinese hardwares for the world. 

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